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Every blogger wishes to find his blog coming at the top rankings in various search engines when keywords related to that are entered. However, this cannot be achieved without doing anything. You need to acquire as much knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and use best SEO tools for promoting your blog. Here is a list of ten useful seo tools which you must use as a blogger.

1. Use Multirank checker from iWebTool.com
If you wish to check Google page rank of your blog and several other blogs without doing it manually then you should use this tool. It saves a lot of time as one can check page rank in bulk.
2. Use SEO Analyzer from Sitening.com
It is one of the best SEO tools for all those bloggers who have just started promoting their blog. You would also be able to download previous reports easily by using this SEO tool. All the applications in this SEO tool are user friendly.
3. Use Backlink Checker from Link Diagnosis
It is one of the best free backlink checker tool. As a blogger you need to use this tool for checking backlinks. One can also analyze backlinks of competitors by using this SEO tool.
4. Use Google Analytics from Google.com
This seo tool is available from Google for free. By using this tool, you can get reports related to traffic to your blog, funnel information etc. This seo tool is based on Urchin and used by numerous bloggers and website owners.
5. Use Keyword Density and Prominence tool from Ranks.nl
By using this tool, you can get to know about the density of keywords on a particular page. It also analyzes the keywords included in tags.
6. Use Visual Page Rank from iWebtool.com
People who are fond of graphics would find this seo tool very nice. Page ranks can be checked with this seo tool visually. A lot of people who find it dull to check page rank in their blogs use this seo tool.
7. Use RankingChecker from SEOmoz.com
By using this seo tool you can check rankings for a website for upto hundred keywords of your choice at a time on Google, Yahoo and Live.com.  The best thing about this tool is that you can get rankings for keywords in country specific searches on Google and Yahoo. Suppose, I want to check my website rankings on Google.co.uk, I can do that by using this keyword rank checker tool from Seobook.
8. Use Fiddler Web Debugging tool from Fiddlertool.com
By using this seo tool, you can get reports about all types of communication between servers and the browser. You do not need to pay anything for using this seo tool.
9. Use SEOQuake SEObar Internal links option
By using this seo tool, one can get to know about the strongest pages on any website or blog. It helps people in knowing about the pages which have a large number of inbound links.
internal strength analysis
10 Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool
One can use this keyword tool from Google to get more keywords around a keyword of your choice and also can use this tool to find out keywords list by entering a website address. This tool provide many more features like monthly searches for keywords globally and locally, advertisers competition with average cost per click etc
These were the top 10 seo tools I think every blogger should use. Do you think I missed any of your favorite tool in this list, please share in the comments section.
Anil Gupta writes about making money, seo, affiliate marketing, social networking and various blog tips on his ScopeForMoney blog.

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